BISCO® HT-800 Silicone Foam

BISCO HT-800 Medium Cellular Silicone is a versatile, medium firmness silicone. HT-800 silicone foam leads the market in sealing and protecting outdoor communication, electronics and lighting enclo

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  • Compact cell structure and unique formulation
  • Available in thicknesses from 0.031 to 0.500 in.
  • Typical density of 22 PCF
  • CFD range of 6-14 PSI
  • Resistant to UV, ozone, extreme temperatures and flame
  • FDA compliant
  • Offers consistent performance in all environments
  • Excellent memory and low stress relaxation
  • Reduces maintenance costs associated with gasket failures due to compression set and softening

How You Can Use BISCO® HT-800 Silicone Foam:

  • Gaskets, Cushions, Seals, Pads
  • Gap Filling
  • Shock Absorption
  • Vibration Management

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