High Temperature Gaskets

For years, we have helped our customers create successful high temperature gasket parts and components for a variety of products, from industrial air conditioning units to kitchen ovens. We carry a

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  • Wide temperature range, from -100°F to + 500°F (-73°C to + 260°C)
  • Superior mechanical properties than competitive products for higher strength applications
  • Various firmness available to match compression deflection forces of gasketing requirements
  • Ozone and UV resistant for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Can be supplied with either silicone or acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive for ease of application
  • Products designed to meet numerous customer, government and military specifications
  • Compliance with the most stringent UL flame ratings
  • Silicone: 400°F-500°F (204°F – 260°C)
  • Fluorosilicone: 400°F–500°F (204°F – 260°C)
  • Fluorocarbon: (Viton™) 400°F–500°F (204°F – 260°C)
  • Viton™ Sponge: -40°F to +450°F
  • Silicone Sponge: -100°F – +500°F
  • Conductive Silicone: -100°F – +500°F

How You Can Use High Temperature Gaskets:

  • BISCO® Silicone

  • Norseal® Fluorosilicone

  • SSP Conductive Silicone

  • Viton® Fluorocarbon

  • Nomex®

  • 3M™ Flame Barrier FRB

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