Custom Thermal Gaskets

Quality Fabricated Custom Thermal Gaskets for Thermal Interface Gaskets and Thermal Pads

At SRP, we work with a variety of thermal materials for manufacturing custom thermal gaskets. These gaskets serve a variety of businesses, particularly in the electronics, lighting, HVAC, and appliance industries. Thermal interface gaskets are exceptionally helpful in areas that require LED lighting, battery management, touch panel bonding, and other areas where heat or cold can impact performance.

Thermal Interface Gaskets

Thermal Tapes are used to offer bonding strength and efficient heat dissipation for applications such as custom Thermal Interface Gaskets for the electronics, HVAC, Industrial, Appliance, and Lighting industries.

Thermal Gap Pads / Filler Pads

Gap Pads / Fillers provide an effective thermal interface between heat sinks and electronic devices where uneven surface structure, air gaps and rough surface textures are present.  Gap Pads / Fillers provide an elimination of air gaps to reduce thermal resistance, conformability to reduce bonding resistance, and low stress vibration dampening.

Thermal Management Applications include:

  • Battery Management
  • Flex Bonding
  • Heat Sink Interface attachment
  • LED Lighting Thermal Management
  • Thermal Interface Damping
  • Thermal Interface Cushioning
  • Thermal Gap Pads
  • Touch Panel Bonding
  • Bezel Bonding
  • And More!

The SRP Experience

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our equipment, our philosophy, and our capabilities. We look forward to serving your die-less and die-cut needs, whether you need thermal gaskets, are looking for high temperature gaskets, sheet rubber die cutting, laser cutting, or flash cutting. We are equipped to help you find solutions to meet your company’s requirements. Talk to us about your thermal gasket needs today.

Common materials used for Thermal Gaskets include:

We can supply you with material samples and rapid prototyping services for product testing if necessary. Our capabilities allow us to work with companies of all sizes requiring jobs large or small.