HyPUR-cel® Polyurethane Foam


HyPUR-cel® Polyurethane Foam for High Performance Custom Gaskets

SRP is a leading converter of foam materials such as HyPUR-cel® polyurethane foam. We manufacture high-quality custom open cell Polyurethane Foam gaskets, seals, and other products for a variety applications and industries to companies around the world.

The Rubberlite team continues to expand their HyPUR-cel® line of polyurethane foams, with R-Series. The R-Series demonstrates exceptional cyclic fatigue resistance with virtually no loss in firmness or resistance to compression set. Exhibiting remarkable resilience and ultra-low stress relaxation, validated by very low hysteresis loss, it is ideal for high-performance energy return applications, such as gaskets and shoe insoles. A variety of densities and firmness options are available.

Offered in the broadest range of density and thickness, HyPUR-cel® is a unique family of medium to high density engineered foams comprised of three distinct product lines to meet your application needs.

Standard Line of HyPUR-cel® Polyurethane Foam

  • I-Series (high temperature, non-thermo-formable)
  • R-Series (high-resiliency)
  • S-Series (ester-based, high elasticity, high elongation)
  • T-Series (thermo-formable)
  • V-Series (visco-elastic)

Physical Characteristics of all HyPUR-cel® Grades

  • Ultra Low Compression Set
  • Breathable/Open Cell
  • Dimensionally Stable
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Custom Converted Thicknesses
  • REACH Compliant

Other Formulations and Additives

  • Fire Retardant
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Custom Colors

Whether you need products from the I-series of highly resilient, very low compression set products, or S-series foams which offer exceptional elongation and thermal formability, or the T-series of thermo-formable foams, Rubberlite has designed each to offer cost effective solutions to your foam performance requirements.

Each product line is manufactured to meet specific market needs. Rubberlite’s open-celled, breathable polyurethanes are available with anti-microbial additives for footwear and medical applications, flame retardants for automotive and industrial requirements and a variety of firmness options for controlled shock absorption and cushioning.

All products are offered in 60” wide roll skived to meet Rubberlite’s exceptionally tight thickness tolerances. Fabrics, adhesives, films or foam composites are available from our lamination department enhancing product design and performance.

For footwear, medical, industrial, orthopedic soft goods, automotive, electronics, aerospace, protective equipment and more, HyPUR-cel® is a cost effective solution.

HyPUR-cel® Polyurethane Foam Series Features:

Polyester-based offered in four formulations:
Polyether-based offered in densities from five to twenty pounds
Available in a variety of densities
Low hysteresis loss
Excellent stretch
Tintable foam product offers custom applications
Custom-tints available
Exceptional compression fatigue
Unmatched memory
High rebound characteristics that often exceed neoprene capacities
Outstanding high energy return performance
Superior breathability
Fantastic for applications ranging from industrial to footwear
Excellent high temperature compression set


HyPUR-cel® Polyurethane Foam Data Sheets:


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