SRP has been Manufacturing Custom Fabricated Flexible Components for the Automotive Industry for Over 30 Years.

SRP supplies custom die cut gaskets, seals, pads and other components to the automotive industry for both interior and exterior applications for gasketing, cushioning, sealing, vibration dampening, and impact resistance. From tail light seals to speaker gaskets, we have solutions that will help engineers meet and exceed their needs and requirements.

In keeping with the automotive industry’s goal of increasing lightweight technology in vehicles, SRP can provide many products that can replace heavy metal applications using screws, welds, and rivets. We work with the latest and most sought after materials on the market, including certified spec grade materials specific to the automotive industry. We are a 3M Preferred Convertor for their materials in the converter markets.

SRP is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company. We supply PPAP’s to our customers that require approvals from the automotive supply chain. This is to ensure that we will meet the manufacturability and quality requirements of the parts supplied to our customers. Our quality of work is held to the highest of standards, exceeding the expectations of our customers.

SRP provides custom solutions for the following products:

  • Emblem Attachments
  • Battery technology
  • Hood Insulation
  • Sound Dampening
  • Touchscreen Enclosure Gasket
  • HVAC Gaskets
  • Buzz, Squeak, and Rattle
  • Speaker Gaskets
  • Body Side Molding Tape
  • Tail Light Gasket
  • and more…


SRP: Building Relationships through Converting Solutions Since 1951

For more information, you can reach SRP at or 847-593-5630. To see what other industries we custom fabricate components for, visit our dedicated Markets page. SRP has worked in a variety of markets in the course of its existence since 1951. We are not limited to who we will work with. As long as we can provide the necessary custom parts you need, we will be here to provide our service.